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CHANGSHA Nov 1-5, 2018
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Booth reservation for the 2016 CMGS show starts now
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  Dear all CMGS exhibitors,


  Thanks for your consistent support to Changsha show, now we are honored to announce that the 2016 Changsha show will be held in Changsha during May 19-23, 2016.


  The theme of 2016 CMGS show will be “Minerals & Museums”.


  Meanwhile, The 8th International Conference on Mineralogy and Museums (M&M8) will be hosted in Changsha simultaneously with the 2016 CMGS show. More than 2,000 professionals from all over the world will visit the 2016 CMGS show and more than 1,000 museums will find their purchase orders satisfied there.


  If you want to be an exhibitor for the 2016 CMGS show, please email to [email protected] to get your booth! Attn: Mr. Guillaume OU.


  Please note our preferential policies for booth reservation as below:


  1) Exhibitors who had booked and paid for the booth for the 2015 CMGS show during May 2014 to February 2015 (but later accidentally canceled) can have the same booth in 2016 and need to pay off all booth fee before August 31, 2015.


  2) All exhibitors can reserve booth with paying 50% booth fee and need to pay the balance before May 31, 2016. Otherwise, the CMGS Organizing Committee reserves the right to adjust the booth location according to other actual needs.


  3) Exhibitors who pay off before October 31, 2015 can enjoy a discount of 12% of total payment; if exhibitors paying off before December 31, 2015 can enjoy a discount of 5% of total payment.


  Thank you for reading this notice.


  Please see the floor plan for 2016 as below.











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